Call For Projects

The course of human history is filled with instances of perseverance. Steady persistence of action and purpose, despite obstacles, difficulties, and discouragement, make for some of the most interesting and inspiring stories. For the 2022 HGSA Conference at Loyola University Chicago, we are thrilled to invite scholars, researchers, and students of any affiliation to share historical stories of perseverance on February 19th and 20th.

The 2022 Conference will be hybrid (see details below). We are excited to consider submissions of Digital Humanities projects, research papers, Public History projects, museum exhibits, documentaries, as well as other formats. If we’ve learned anything from the trailblazers and underdogs of history, it is to push the limits and be creative.

Who: You! Humanities Graduate Students! Independent Scholars!

What: A supportive environment for emerging scholars of history and related fields to share their research.

Where: Online Saturday, February 19th for virtual presentations and panels; Sunday, February 20th will include some in-person events for Loyola affiliated people.

When: February 19th and 20th, 2022

To apply, please visit this link.