Efficiency, The Web 2.0 Way

Great news for cultural institutions: your forays into Web 2.0 just got way easier!

I just heard about a website, ifttt.com, which basically streamlines your social media “blurbs.”

(Side note: what is the word for one unit of social media content? A “tweet” is on twitter, a “post” is on a blog or Facebook…but someone needs to coin a term for units of general social media output. Can we make this happen?)

Ifft is an automated system based on “tasks” that create bridges between websites and are constructed in an “if this…then that” format (thus the site’s t-heavy name). If my organization posts a picture on Facebook then tweet it as well. If someone comments on my institution’s Flickr picture then add that person automatically to our contact list. Continue reading “Efficiency, The Web 2.0 Way”