Around the Web (May 2012)

Periodically, a Lakefront Historian contributor surveys recent public history-related news that emerges on the Internet. In this installment of “Around the Web,” Rachel Boyle highlights new columns, blogs, and posts that exemplify public history online.  She also anticipates the opening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Follow The Lakefront Historian on Twitter (@LakefrontHist) for news updates as they happen.

  • The Hairpin initiated a column entitled “Ask an Archivist” that answers burning questions from the public like, “how DO you find the hot old-picture guys for blogs like My Daguerreotype Boyfriend?”
  • Buzzfeed displays images by Sergey Larenkov who blends WWII pictures into today.  The result is a fascinating intersection of urban landscape, memory, and place.
  • Sociological Images provides a historical perspective on the gendering of LEGOs.
  • Culture bombing + public history = Museum Unbound, a cool new blog about pushing boundaries in the museum world.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is due in theaters on June 19th.  Will it be a provocative reimagining of the Civil War?  Will the South be vilified or heroized?  Will it offer a darker reading of Abraham Lincoln or merely contribute to his cult of personality?  Whatever the answers to these questions,  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is sure to be a fascinating case study of the Civil War in popular memory. Stay tuned for a review of the film on the Lakefront Historian later this month.


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