AHA Meeting, New York, January 2 – 5, 2015

The AHA, believe or not, it is becoming more innovative year after year. For this coming 2015 AHA Annual Meeting in New York City, there has been a call for creative session formats, and the theme is History and the Other Disciplines (wink-wink digital humanities). Even this past meeting has its own Storify! The AHA is trying to be, not only up-to-date and “hype,” but also to understand that times are changing. For 2015, the AHA challenges historians to think outside the box with proposals like “TED Talk”-style presentations, PechaKucha, or digital sessions where “[a]ll sorts of things are possible now that were not even imaginable [before].”

So here it is my call. The deadline for submitting session proposals is February 15. Is it still possible to put together a session with revolutionary (in the digital sense) ideas in only 10 days? You tell me! I am up for the test. I am working on ways to both democratization of historical research through new media with my dissertation on the physicality of memory in Spain during the twentieth century. Remember, you don’t have to submit the full presentation (these are the requirements), so as long as you have an idea based on the research you are conducting right now, or that you project to conduct over the summer and the fall, we can do this!

Besides, it is always fun to go to conferences and all, but I recognize that accommodations can be tricky as we all live under tight budget constrains. Consider that we can always find somebody willing to host us in their couch, or you can open a hotel rewards’ program credit card (I apologize for the product placement but I have the Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase and I got 4 free nights after opening the account; and there several others out there as well)

If you would like to try this with me, send me an email to fpadr009@fiu.edu.


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